The early Aston Martin DB7 i6 cars were fitted with a state of the art (for the 90s) Cobra alarm that included an immobiliser, and remote fobs for locking and unlocking the car.

A common problem that is now occuring for these cars is that the Cobra is failing leaving the car immobilised. Unfortunately the circuitary in the Cobra alarm modules is getting old and failing. No matter what is done, because the immobiliser is 'on', the car cannot be started.      

At Wren Classics, we have designed a solution for this, which has enabled many DB7 i6 cars that were unusable and dormant, to be brought back to life and driven again. 

We can provide an Emulator box that replaces the Cobra Alarm, and provides the Engine ECU with the correct signals to switch off the immobiliser and function again. 

As part of this project, working with a technical partner, we have built a special test harness which allows us to fully test a DB7 ECU and with the Emulator box plugged in to ensure what you get back fully works:

This solution can be provided remotely, you simply send us your ECU and Cobra and we send back the ECU and Emulator as a plug and play solution. This solution completely removes the Cobra alarm from the car, meaning the remote key fobs no longer funcion and also the car no longer has an alarm. The key will need to be used to lock/unlock the car. See below for other options. 


With the above solution we can provide other options as well:

Option 1: The first option is to also provide remote key fobs whcih are integrated into the Emulator box to lock and unlock the car. 

Option 2: The second option is to provide additional electrical leads to allow an alarm of the choice of the customer to be wired in by an experienced autoelectrician. Note a replacement alarm will probably come with remote key fobs.

Option 3: The final option is for Wren to include a new alarm in the solution with or without key fobs.


For the first two options, we require only the ECU and Cobra alarm to be sent to us, and we will send back the ECU and Emulator box. 

For the final option we would need the car in the workshop for several days. 

Give us a call on 01747 852899 to discuss the price and date.