The Wren Classiscs team have a very wide and deep knowledge of cars and bikes with experience of all aspects of maintenance and restoration. 

From the left, meet Fred, Rhys, Andrew, James, Steve and Bert (real name Steve)

We are also experts in enjoying an occasional beer! THis particular night we were celebrating the completion of a restoration where the team had worked flat out for 2 weeks including evenings a weekends, to meet a customer's deadline.

 We are experts in diagnosing problems with:

- engines,

- ignition systems,

- carburettors / fuel injection systems

- suspension and handling,

- steering,

- braking systems,

- vehicle electrics

In fact we can sort out just about anything related to your car or bike!!

We can do this for both old and newer vehicles.

The older ones are our speciality but we are happy to work on modern vehicles too as we do have the capability to plug the computer into the OBD port and analyse most issues on most cars.

We have a full machine shop with a lathe, milling machine, bench grinder, sand blaster etc and we are experts at welding and fabrication too. 


The team consists of:


See Wren history page

Here is steve on the right with Fred and Rhys 

Head Technician: ANDREW VERRAN

20 years experience with highlights of:

  • WrenSport chief Race mechanic
  • Diagnosing and resolving all vehicle issues 
  • Vehicle Electrics in particular DB7 ECU immobiliser issues
  • Car set up expert
  • Custom upgrade designs and solutions e.g. single to dual brake system, enhanced discs/calipers, upgrades to cooling systems  
  • Motorcyclist currnelty riding a BUELL having built and heavily tuned and customised various other motorcycles since he was 16 




Senior Technician: KEVIN ALDHOUSE

40 years experience with highlights of:

  • Welding of all types
  • Fabrication of panels and bodywork
  • General mechanicing
  • Motocyclist with a heavily modified Victory V twin cruiser




Technician: STEVE DYETT

25 years experience with highlights of:

  • General mechanicing
  • Motorcyclist and chimney sweep in his spare time with Yamaha TRX and Kawasaki Z1000

Junior Technician: RHYS STROUD

  • Race mechanics
  • General mechanicing
  • Drift car racer

Apprentice: FRED SMITH

  • Absorbing everything like a sponge
  • Motocross racer

Work Experience and Part Time Trainee: AMY SANTOS

  • Amy is doing the same automotive mechanics course as Fred at Yeovil college. She came to us to do a week of work experience and wont leave! She has continued with us on a part time basis.

Office Manager: KEITH HIGGS

  • Retired IT programme manager now managing the Wren office
  • Motorcyclist with Kawasaki ZZR1400 and Racer with Kawasaki ZXR750s race bikes ( 


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